Meeting the newest fraternity on campus, Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Sigma Phi Epsilon VP of Communications
Mon Nov 26, 2018

Are you familiar with the new fraternity on campus? I know a large portion of this campus will state that we don’t need another one. However, Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp)'s ideology and behavior differentiates it from the other fraternities on campus. Let’s dive in on exactly what is so different about SigEp.

SigEp's mission statement is simple. Directly from Eric Angus, the New Chapter Development Director, he states that “SigEp is redefining fraternity on college campuses across the country. We complement a man’s education by delivering a premier student experience in one of the most formative times of his life. Through SigEp, men strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships that are essential to a successful and fulfilling life.” This organization devotes most of their time with development of members and making impactful improvements to the community.

Now let’s talk about the who of SigEp. What is the face of this new organization and who can we expect to see at the events? Being a new fraternity, they do not have a large body or presence on campus yet. However, they were able to put together a strong executive board consisting of the following people: Will Nicholson as president, Rishi Shukla as vice president (VP) of finance, Caleb Schemmel as VP of recruitment, Henry White as VP of member development, Samuel Long as VP of communication, Derek Rhea as VP chaplain, and Dominique Thompson as Balanced Man Scholarship chairman. Expectations are high for these newcomers and a lot of different organizations are waiting to see what exactly SigEp will do with position on campus.

SigEp does a lot of things differentlyfrom typical fraternities on campus. For starters, they do not have a house yet on campus. Members of this organization meet in various buildings on campus and don’t expect to gain full access of their house until the fall semester of 2020. There is a hard cutoff for 3.0 grade point averages (GPAs_ showing that they put great priority on education. They have a 365-day recruitment period meaning that individuals are encouraged to join any time of the year. Lastly, there has been talk about engaging more with the campus and the community of Bronzeville. They have a lot of big plans for the upcoming spring 2019 semester.

In conclusion, SigEp shows a lot of promise but still faces the struggles of any new organization on campus. There is a lot of talk about being new and different, but only time can really tell. If you are interested in joining SigEp or have any questions, feel free to contact Samuel Long at [email protected] He can help tell you more about the organization, answer any questions, and arrange an interview if that is something that interests you.  





Photo courtesy of Sigma Phi Epsilon



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