iOS 14 Review: iPhone will Look Better

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 01, 2021

There are two types of people when buying an iPhone. Firstly, there are those that want to keep everything the same, as they believe the iPhone should not change- not with software updates and not even with the home button removals. Secondly, there is us, the bring-on-the-changers, we fear absolutely nothing, we don't even fear the disappearance of a headphone jack.

The latest iPhone operating system, iOS 14 released for the iPhone 6S or later, has been the greatest win for any registered party on Apple. It has been the biggest design change for the home screen. It allows you to customize your home screen with widgets, live information with the weather, your favorite apps, etc. The result is- it is now a more personalized and organized smartphone. Also, talking about the widgets, the battery widget in this new iOS is my favorite.

This idea of a widget seems more likely for lazy people. For example, without tapping and going onto the particular weather app, the widgets can show you the forecast right on the home screen.

With iOS 14, you get simplified apps right on the last page of your home screen. It also includes better privacy features like it can tell how many trackers are being blocked in the safari app. It also has a new feature to conceal your location meaning you can always share location only on your own terms. You can also share the approximate location.

To the lovers of texting, the iOS 14 has new features like self-emojis and you can also pin your important chats on your message app. The latest, Apple has released iOS 14.4, bestowing improved new features for a workout to Fitness plus app for Apple Watch owners. The new update has fixed all the vulnerabilities issues that were showing up. Also, the hidden features are the best features if you get them on this new iOS. The new camera tricks while taking a photo at night or reminding you to keep still is awesome. Overall, this iOS has been a bada-- operating system so far in the Apple world.



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