iPhone 12- Apple is Back With a Bang

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Mon Nov 23, 2020

Every year, Apple's new phone release is one of the most anticipated things all around the world. No matter if you are going to buy it or not, you will still want to look up what Apple has done new.  This curiosity was developed by one of the greatest minds of the last century, Steve Jobs. A few weeks ago, Apple announced its new phone series, the iPhone-12, which is their primary product. This year, Apple has taken a tremendous hit in its manufacturing due to COVID-19, but Apple has arrived with the plan to conquer most of the market segments. They have four variants this year with the price ranging from $600 to $1099 drawing a wide range of customers.

With all the phone companies going for curvy and sleek designs, Apple has brought back their most successful flat, a brick design that is definitely a visual treat. It also has a better grip and the strongest screen ever to break the stigma that iPhone screens break easily. This also is the most welcomed phone recently after their failures with iPhone-8 and iPhone X. It also has magnetic charging in addition to the wired charging, the first of its kind. This charging can now charge compatible non-Apple phones as well. Apple's bold colors such as blue, green, graphite, and silver embellish the premium look it already has among the customers. If you are wondering why iPhone-12 has a magnetic wallet as an accessory, the reason is that since Apple has gone to wireless charging, this hinders the customers who are currently using wallet cases and will have difficulties in transition. To tackle this problem, Apple has thought futuristically to retain them as well with the magnetic wallet. Last but not the least, the amazing 12MP camera it has is almost equivalent to a professional DSLR camera that is the best among the existing phones. The HDR video is extremely fine-tuned to make it shoot even movies. However, some critics and camera purists doubt this claim. 

To talk about the concerns regarding this new phone, the phone does not come with an adapter which is really shocking. The adapter costs an extra $40 which is an annoying factor to the customers. The battery is not improved as compared to the previous version and the display is 60Hz which is on a low scale compared to its expensive price. Well, this might be a battery-saving tactic with introducing 5G, which will supposedly drain the charge faster. Finally, I was sincerely hoping Apple would bring back the fingerprint sensor to facilitate screen unlocking with all of us the users wearing masks. For these reasons, as a customer, I am starting to think if Apple is not solving the customers' needs anymore.



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2020 - Fall - Issue 10