ISA Celebrates India’s 70th Republic Day

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Mon Feb 04, 2019

A lot has been changed in India as it celebrates its 70th Republic Day. Since my childhood, we were always glued to the television sets on January 26. Why do you ask? It’s because of the parade. The parade is one of the highlights of Republic Day. The Republic Day Parade starts with the country’s display of military might followed by the States showcasing their cultural heritage. All of this takes place in the capital city of Delhi at India Gate. The finale is one of the most awaited since the Indian Air Force display its maneuvers and different kinds of aircraft which enthralls everyone.

Nothing of such sorts happened at the Indian Students Association (ISA) event, but it was nevertheless a fantastic event. The event was hosted by ISA at Siegel Hall on Saturday, January 26. It started with everyone participating in the Indian national anthem – "Jana Gana Mana." To carry forward this patriotism, people were greeted by the melodious voice of Ms. Raksha Jathanna who sang the national song of India – "Vande Mataram."

The general body meeting (GBM) was next on the agenda which was spearheaded by Mr. Adithya Subramanian who is the ISA president. He has been associated with the ISA organization for at least one and a half years now. A new year for the ISA began with the inclusion of new people on the ISA board. Subramanian introduced the whole team and the team acknowledged by giving a small introduction about themselves. For those who were not present at the event and are a part of the board, Subramanian had some really humorous ways to introduce them.

The GBM started with ISA highlighting some of the key events that they had undertaken in the fall semester 2018. Some of the noticeable events were picking-up students from O’Hare airport. Close to 80 students took the benefit of the pick-up services and were brought to their respective locations so that they did not have to face any inconvenience on their first arrival in the United States. Some other key events included celebrating Independence Day, Bollywood Night at The Bog, and Raas Garba at the MTCC auditorium. The ISA also tries its best to get some of the best Indian stand-up comedians and always go all-out to host them at one of the places in Chicago.

The upcoming events in the spring 2019 semester have a lot of things to offer. Some of them being Spring Formal Night at the Willis Tower (ticket prices: $20), Cultural Night in April, Open Mic at the Bog, and a camping trip as well at the Matthiessen State Park, which would be an overnight affair. But one of the most interesting events that I believe everyone is looking forward is the Color Run in the month of April. It would be a small run starting from Keating to the IIT Tower and back. On the way, there would be stands where people would be throwing colors on the participants. The event would end with drinks and snacks at Keating. Surely, it's going to be a colorful affair.

The next part of the GBM was two games. Winners in the games got free tickets for the Formal Night which is to be held on February 15 at the Willis Tower. The first game was called "Hook Step Dance." The name of a song would be displayed on the screen, and the participants were supposed to make the signature steps of the song. But the catch was there was no music being played, so the participants had to remember the steps and dance them. Ten songs were played, and the best one to dance as close to the original steps won the prize. Priyank Dharani won the ticket in this game. The other game was a quiz played on "Kahoot!" which was very entertaining. Twenty questions covering various segments ranging from general knowledge to Bollywood to sports made the audience scratch their heads. Ultimately, Pranjal Shrivastav emerged victorious, and he won the free ticket for the formal night event.

After the games, it was time to take suggestions from the crowd regarding how ISA can be made more interactive with the students and how ISA can help the students feel more comfortable in the college. One of the interesting questions that came from the audience was that people don’t know the existence of ISA in Illinois Tech despite being one of the biggest student organizations. The president acknowledged by saying that it is on the agenda of the whole team to make everyone aware of this student organization. The event ended with some lip-smacking snacks like veg samosa and chicken momos along with various chutneys. Finally, everyone posed for a group photo with the Indian national flag in the background. It was overall a great event organized by the ISA which everyone appreciated.



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