Illinois Tech Esports (ITE) concludes recruitment and tryout phase.

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Mon Oct 01, 2018


After a successful recruitment week that culminated in the traditional opening LAN hosted along with IIT Robotics, Illinois Tech Esports (ITE) now boasts over 300 members on their Discord (an online community for ITE members) and hosted its largest general body meeting late August with over 70 members in attendance.

Throughout September, ITE has been conducting tryouts for the various titles/games they plan to represent this upcoming academic year. These players will be representing the school and be competing in a variety of leagues, online tournaments and out-of-state LANs against other institutions and amateur leagues. Led by each game’s respective captain and other professional staff including student analysts and alumni coaches, tryouts for some games took place over 1 evening while some tryouts needed an entire 3day weekend to determine its selection. Now at the finish line - ITE is ready to publicize our rosters for the 2018-2019 season. The ITE Board thanks all candidates for their participation and will continue to inform Illinois Tech of its results throughout the year.

Format: Player (In-Game-Name)

** Denotes Captain

*Denotes substitute player

Counter Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO)
Peter Coppola (blankdeck31)
**Gregory Bonnema (Greg)
Michael Johnson (M1K3e)
Matthew Anderson (manderson)
Sergio Huerta (Trip)
*Jackson Johar (P0ptart)

Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota2)
**Palaniappan Senthilnathan (Pal)
Antonio Arroyo (Zea)
Ranganathan Aarumugam (Ranga!)
Ravi Teja Kolla (RaviKolla191)
Kiran Kumar (KiranGD)
Chris Wszolek (Comeh)

**Amir Baker (riisk)
Jeebe Diop (DracoLegiendo)
Matthew Gomba (thegumbyz)
Sergio Huerta (TripleMeister)

Hearthstone (HS)
**Ethan Fox (Fox)
Jeremy Rashkow (Wolf)
Jared Wagler (JardTheBard)
Paoloa Ratti (KingPaolo)
Erik Cordoba (Cordoba078)
Linda Chen (J0K3R)
Jay Huang (BossWei)

League of Legends (LoL)
Division 1 (LoL)
Théophile Schrimpf (Naërlyn)
Jinwoo Oh (I AM BILLMA)
**Thomas Case (esaC moT)
Casey Weisfuss (Snowdown Arcade)
Evan Farris (The Porotector)
*Jeebe Diop (DracoLegiendo)

Division 2 Scarlet (LoL)
**Alex Szilagyi (Decelx)
Jinho Park (KorApplePie)
Omar Shehab El-Din (Shaded Eve)
Zayaan Haider (Zayaan)
Scott Partacz (Wicked Scotty)
*Anthony Banuelos (Plu)

Division 2 Gray (LoL)
**Jazz Kalingasan (Music X)
Zac Frewert (YoFwiend)
Sai Simon (AuraCon)
Tri Huynh (Hymiti)
Brian Garcia (MoooMoo Milk)
*Lim Hong Rui [Henry] (tempoora)

Division 3 (LoL)
Juan Bohorquez (PirateWindows)
Thomas Van Petten (Disalign)
Jobin Joyson (MasterKuda)
Chris Murphy (VulcanMittens)
Jacob Voeller (Foxisnick)
Charles Yeung (Bobby Sch)
John Marshall (Jmars9)
Hernan Avitia (Romulus Lupa)

Overwatch (OW)
Team A
**Milton Par (homemedic)
Ethan Fox (DrDi5co)
Kevin Koury (BladedBanana)
Faisal Patel (Alpha)
Ryan Lusk (Alkemiisto)
William Purificacion (MoteQ)
Matthew Gombar (TheGumbyz)
Issac Vongphit (Shockwavq)
Jacob Cordova (GeneralHoovy)

Team B
**Nick Messina (Parakah)
YunWoo Kim (YunnyTheWoo)
Soren Stairs (Gilimed)
Benny Vazquz-Elvir (Sasuke)
Allie Georgopoulos (Flarablitz)
Zachary Gasparetti(Toodles)
Christopher Dharma (Cder3)
Nick Bledsoe (ModernLegacy)
Emily McClenahan (Haven)

Rainbow Six Siege
Division 1:
**Roberto Irigoyen (beastofreality)
Rolando Hidayat (The_PP_God)
Alex Szilagyi (Decelx)
Bryan Scott (iBS100110)
Jake Black (MaineJedi)
*Jake McMahon (Kraken116j)

Division 2:
Jacob Huebner (BearBearington)
Lyndon Sully (LYNDONisHERE)
Lucas Brancato (Mclovin.CGL)
Jesse Sese (irregularnuts)
Suhas Sreenivas (Alpha_Kai_Q)
*Roberto Villasenor (Tibbert)

Rocket League (RL)
Division 1
**Chris M. (chrmil11)
Evan S. (Randy)
Richard H. (Richie)
Jacob J. (Iroh)

Division 2
**Geldi O. (GeOm) -
Kasper K. (Casperious)
Jacob K. (awakenedfear46)
Corey S. (Curly Jeff)

Division 3
Joe F. (Oreo)
Miguel P. (Marty Mejicano)
Chad J. (VenomousWhiskey)
Levin R. (Ka-Chow)




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