How I started my fitness journey

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 06, 2023

The idea of me going to gym started at the age of 18 where I used to be fat and be bodyshamed by my own friends and even though I was able to tolerate the mockery and jokes on my physical shape at first, but I couldn’t after one point of time. So, i started to hit the gym. At first, I was only in it to lose weight but eventually I realized how mentally and physically fit it made me. I had gained this self-confidence and discipline after going to the gym in a very short time.

I would insist that the process was not easy as I thought, at first it was really tiring as my body failed to adapt to the workouts and it needed more of proteins intake. So I started to change my routine completely.  Firstly, I changed with my diet plan. I started to take foods rich in proteins and vitamins. They were chicken eggs broccoli, fishes, fruits, salad and more on. My mother was so supportive that she took the efforts to learn how  to cook these kind of food even though she is a vegetarian. I had to sacrifice on my favorite food like desserts and junk food which was hard at first but was able to avoid them for the sake my goal. I had to take food which tastes awful just for the sake of healthier diet one of them is  green tea which contained catechins that help prevents cell damage and reduce inflammation.

Then I started to watch videos related to gym exercises and learned a pattern which helped me in creating workout routine where I was trying to build the part of the body within a week. For the first few weeks I could not see any improvements, all I ended up was with severe body pain. I was in the verge to give up at this point of time, but I didn’t. I was determined and patient that I will achieve my goal and did not give up. This is the par where usually many of them loose hope and give up. It is hard but I would recommend not to give up that easily, you will achieve your goals but it will take some time and a lot of efforts.

Going to gym not only helps me to be fit it also helped me to be organized and being regular to gym made me punctual wherever I go, and exercise helps you to improve the sleep quality and help people who struggle with insomnia. Working out regularly helps to improve  the energy level of your body to sustain the day. And finally going to gym helped to socialize with people, I was able to connect with different people with same goals.




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