Lava emitting time bombs around the world

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Mon Apr 19, 2021

We have all heard about those lava and ash emitting openings in the earth’s crust, volcanoes, which can bring calamities if erupted. While Mount Vesuvius is given the status of most dangerous volcano in the world, there are many others which are like ticking time bombs that can erupt at any time.

With 1,500 active volcanoes around the world, 500 have already erupted so far and counting. A few active ones are listed as follows.

First is Mount Merapi of Indonesia which is about 9,551 feet tall and is one of the most active volcanoes amongst the total of 130 volcanoes in the country. It recently erupted on January 27, 2021 and the blast was audible from more than 18 miles away.

Another one is Mount Sinabung of Indonesia with a height of about 8,530 feet which was dormant for more than 400 years but erupted first in the year 2010 and recently on March 2, 2021. The ash cloud could be seen for over 3.1 miles in the sky.

Third most active volcano is the Pacaya volcano of Guatemala with a height of about 8,373 feet which erupted recently on March 4, 2021, and has relatively less dangerous blasts but spews lava bombs and burning cinders.

Mount Vesuvius in Italy last erupted in 1944 and it is still questionable when would it erupt next. It once destroyed the Roman city Pompeii by eruption in A.D. 79 locking everything in time under its lava and volcanic ashes.

One of the world’s highest volcanoes is the Cotopaxi of Ecuador, with a height of 19,347 feet and the glacial snow cone can be seen from as far as 35 miles away. It last erupted in the year 2015.

Though there are some volcanoes which are mainly visible on land, there are few which are half submerged in water and have little openings on the surface. One such volcano is the White Island volcano of New Zealand. Since most of it is below sea level, tourists and visitors can go in boats directly into the crater. But since its last eruption in 2019, it has been suspended from tourism.

The world’s smallest active volcano, named Taal Volcano of Philippines is also inside a lake and last erupted in January 2020.

Though these look pretty dangerous from afar, they are very important to cool the internal heat of earth and provide essential minerals to the external surface of the earth.



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