LEGO set review: LEGO Brand Store (set #40305)

Interim Editor-in-Chief
Mon Aug 27, 2018

A LEGO set review of a LEGO set that is a LEGO store? Sure, why not? This year’s first LEGO set review is on set #40305, the LEGO Brand Store. Only available from official LEGO stores (the closest one to campus being on the second floor of Water Tower Place along the Magnificent Mile), this meta set, as its name implies, is a miniature version of a LEGO store in minifigure scale. Totaling 362 pieces and selling for a retail price of $30, this set strikes a healthy balance between being a functional play piece as well as a modest display piece, in addition to making a fine tongue-in-cheek addition to one’s modular LEGO city.

            With only 362 pieces, this set’s overall build design and time commitment are both on the low end of spectrum. While the store is by no means barren, its exterior crenellations and interior fixtures are all relatively simple in design while still capturing the true essence of their larger-scale counterparts. After a build time of between 30 and 40 minutes, this set’s details can be appreciated in full. The outside of the LEGO store features a number of adjustable window awnings and flag pieces as well as a wall-mounted LEGO automated teller machine (ATM) and, of course, the distinctive red LEGO sign over the swinging transparent door. The interior of the store consists of two modular levels, featuring movable representations of the Pick & Build wall, Build a Mini stand, several shelves with LEGO boxes, and a counter with a cash register. Many of these elements have appropriate stickers to further add to their miniature authenticity. Two minifigures are also included with this set - a LEGO store employee and a child.

            While the overall build for the LEGO Brand Store is very simple, it leaves a lot of room for modularity. Whether it is added to one’s preexisting LEGO city or expanded into a much more robust LEGO store (perhaps even a faithful recreation of the store in which it was bought), the possibilities for expanding and utilizing this set are appropriately endless, much as its namesake brand would love to evoke. As an addition to one’s shelf or city, the LEGO Brand Store makes an excellent meta addition to any LEGO collection and a perfect way to pay homage to one of the happiest retail locations on earth.



Appears in
2018 - Fall - Issue 1