Life with Masks and Sanitizers

TechNews Writer
Mon Sep 13, 2021

Since most of us might have forgotten the days without COVID-19, let's first start by refreshing our memories with what it was like without COVID-19. People were living their lives without any fear of getting infected, collecting their groceries from the stores, meeting their relatives, having parties and making new friends, breathing the air without any filters, and having only one kind of alcohol in their lives which they drank. Universities were happily operating with students enjoying the campus life. Freshmen were making new friends, exploring the city life, and applying for jobs which would give them new experiences and contacts. All these things were during the days when if someone wanted to visit any other countries, they would not fear about getting infected, but now COVID-19 is controlling our lives in everything we do.

If you forget your mask and were ready to start your car to go to a friend’s house, you have to compulsorily go back and wear your mask. Even with all the chaos and uncertainty, students are still attending their universities but the only difference is that the exposure that they are getting to the university live is very limited. Having online classes not only made students interact less with their professors and classmates but also prevented many opportunities like going to career fairs where they would meet with different company’s representatives that the students wanted to work with. The most crucial part of our lives that got affected is our confidence. In just one year COVID-19 has tested all human abilities from how well we can fight the diseases to how fast we can adapt to new variants of the virus. Even though we were able to make vaccines, the world is still fighting to provide each and every soul on this planet with the vaccine to fight the virus. Apart from work and academics, pandemic has influenced our lives at personal level as well. It has changed the way we think and behave. Most of the people have been through mental instability but that seems to be changing as universities have started opening and having in person classes. Hopefully things will get better in near future but it seems like life with masks and sanitizers will still remain, at least for a while. Even though things are getting better, masks and sanitizers seem to have taken an important role in one's life. Precautions are always positive so please don't forget to wear mask and use sanitizers. Be safe and be healthy!



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2021 - Fall - Issue 2