My trip to Little India: Devon Avenue, Chicago

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Mon Sep 13, 2021

Having traveled from India to Chicago for over 26 hours on multiple flights, I was super tired and jet-lagged. It took a couple of days for me to recover and adapt to the time difference, but then I started missing India, the spicy food, noisy traffic, vibrant colors, and most of all, the people. That’s when I pulled out my phone and started to search for the nearest restaurant, also I needed a couple of Indian spices, so I needed a store that sells Indian groceries, that is how I found out about Devon Avenue, also called Little India.

The next day, I got up early, all excited about getting to eat at an Indian restaurant, and got ready. I got into the Red Line and headed to the Loyola Red Line station. With Tamil music on, I was enjoying my 45 minutes ride along with the scenic beauty of Chicago downtown. At the Loyola stop, I had a transfer, I got into the 155 bus that was headed to Kedzie. After 15 minutes, I was standing there, in Little India.

For some reason, it felt like home. There were a lot of stores with Indian groceries, several Indian restaurants, Pakistani restaurants, and a lot more. I strolled through the street having a glimpse of all the stores and reached the Patel Brothers store. This store has a good collection of all the Indian products ranging from spices to grains to rice. It even had my favorite Maggi instant noodles, which is comfort food, something like mac and cheese for Indians. I picked up some essentials and cursed for it being so far from where I live, but also delighted to have found this store at the least. Having completed my grocery run for the month, I walked out of the store carrying five big bags.

I was craving some good, spicy biriyani (highly recommended). So, biriyani for those who do not know, is a mixed rice dish that is made with a lot of spices and slow-cooked meat. It is a delight for almost anyone who eats meat. I walked through Devon Avenue only to notice there was not any Hyderabadi restaurant, at least I thought so until I found the place. As soon as I entered the place, the aroma of spicy food hit me. I decided to get the food to go, considering the COVID-19 situation I did not want to risk dining there. Having completed all that I had planned for, I boarded the same bus and later the Red Line to get back to campus. 

All in all, it was a great day. They say a good day should always end with good food, or at least I say that. I had an amazing day, I had amazing food.  I highly recommend everyone to visit India at least once, to experience the culture, the heat and definitely the food. If it is not possible at least try visiting Devon Avenue where the neighborhood Little India is visited, you will at least get to try Indian food and buy some super sugary sweets.








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