The Lost Humans - Chapter 2

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Mon Nov 09, 2020

It was day 257 in the year 2820. With 51 final human DNAs left in the universe that we know of (at least a few bones and flesh integrated with machines), there is no handbook to preserve them. Among the 51, there was a mixture of 12 men and 39 women. Yes, finally woman population has conceded men. To stop extinction, scientists started creating more women realizing only women could create life and they were the superior species. These humans had no names, only codes with the series XSJM-01, 02, 03, and so on. The first ten numbers were students and the remaining were the normal humans. While they were floating around aimlessly in the space, these 12 men had a unique job to do on a daily basis. They had to leave the space ship in a small capsule that could accommodate one person and wander in search of other planets that could be a potential home. This trip is estimated to take at least one year since all the nearby planets are gone.

This was the trip for XSJM-27. He was tall, with a physique of a mountain, probably the one that scientists had spent the most time to create. But the major reason for choosing him was, he could survive without water or food since his body is composed of 85% robotic assembly. So, now the count has come down to 50. For those 50 who are inside the spaceship, their only task is to help scientists with the research of any possible breakthrough in research. The chances were still less since human beings, no matter what could not be cloned. The only hope was time travel which several attempts were already made but resulting in huge blasts killing even more. Alien communication was a desperate failure that tells the desperation levels to save the human race. The one promising progress was in the project of regenerating cells. A biologist has identified a perfect formula to regenerate human cells, even if the heart stops pumping blood. This cell was a nanotechnology that could recirculate the blood at a microscopic level, so the cells could continue to grow. This was still not perfect because the overproduction of cells could create an explosion.

The inside of the spaceship was no fun, to reduce the weight the Space X scientist had to keep it simple. It was a huge full white room with very minimal objects. The upside to it was the glass walls that created a spectacular vision. Among them, in a far away corner, there was a 16 old girl who was sleeping alone in a room. She was pale white but had 70% of the human body which is the most anyone had in over a century. So to preserve every last of it, she was entirely sealed in a chamber. She always had her eyes closed and the scientists referred to her as "Hope". No one ever knew about her, not even the remaining people in the spaceship knew about her except for three out of the ten scientists. The three scientists always said, "if it ever comes to the worst, we have Hope."



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2020 - Fall - Issue 9