Book review: "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 22, 2021

Everybody reads one book in their life that truly inspires them. The book named, "The Magic of Thinking Big" written by David Schwartz has achieved the same for me. This book has inspired me to think big, be optimistic, and focus on my mindset to achieve any goal in my life. It is filled with ideas and methods that can be applied at home or work giving real-life examples of improving success, happiness, and satisfaction to those who implemented Schwartz's listed methods.

In this book, it is written that we are recognized as the products of thinking around us, and much of this thinking that shapes our lives is little, not big. All around us is the environment that is trying to pull us down and distract us. The thinking that guides us is much more important than how much intelligence or formal education one may have. How we think determines how we are going to act and how others are going to react to us. We always hear that knowledge is power, but really knowledge is only potential power; it is powerful when it is only used. The test of a successful person is not when he eliminates all the problems before arising, but when he meets and works out his difficulties when they arise. Also, the most successful person and the person who talks more are rarely the same. The successful person practices generosity in his conversation and encourages the other person around them to talk about their ideas, views, and their problems more. This is a truth that yet, currently, common sense is not so common anymore, and it is easy to lose positive thinking when surrounded by all this negativity in the world, but viewing the situations of life optimistically can result in a change of perspective which is simple and straightforward. Success calls for those people who are ready to increase their life's efficiency, meaning to get more output at a lower cost with less effort. Only a persisting nature mixed with experimentation guarantees success, but still the primary goal to remind ourselves in this life is to enjoy it and to treat everyone with dignity. That is the ultimate form of success.

In conclusion, thinking “Big” means that we should be creative, progressive, experimental, and receptive to new ideas which combined is itself a success.




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2021 - Spring - Issue 4