When you make meditation and yoga a part of your routine

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Mon Sep 20, 2021

I, personally, have never been a fan of exercising, until last year when all of us were locked down and getting out of the bed was impossible. My mental health started deteriorating, not only mine but I could see people around me getting uncomfortable by staying at home and suddenly having no social life. We, as humans, are social animals, and for our own sanity socializing is important. Some of us were staying alone throughout, while some had friends and family around.

When the pandemic hit us, I remember for the first two months it was difficult for me to even open the curtains of my room. I was crumpled in my small world with my laptop, binge watching "The Office" or "Brooklyn Nine Nine."

After a point, I realized how bad my mental health was, and even at the slightest trigger, I was experiencing panic attacks. One of my close friends always spoke about how yoga and meditation helped her in healing, and I just gave it a try. I made sure to be consistent for at least one month.

But that one month just changed my whole life. I started it just for the sake of getting out of the bed and so that I can have a routine to look forward to but, it made me realize how mentally peaceful it was.

Once you start getting better and better at it, you start getting control over your breath. This helps you in a disciplined life. For example, while working on something if you go through some minor inconvenience for some people it leads to panic, and it was the same for me too which only contributed in ruining the situation more, but now that I know breathing techniques, I barely get panicky, because I know I’ll get over it eventually.

It helped me in self-discovery. While trying to achieve balance and control on my breath, I introspected. I discovered a new side of me which is totally opposite of what I was two years ago. There’s this empathetic, calmer side of me which I never knew existed. I would recommend being consistent, and then observe the growth in you.




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