Meet the new Dean of Lewis College of Science and Letters: Dr. Jennifer deWinter

Mon Sep 19, 2022

As announced via email on July 18 2022, Lewis College of Science and Letters has appointed a new dean as of Fall 2022.

Dr. Jennifer deWinter’s educational journey was a rollercoaster, spanning several subjects, countries, and degrees.

A B.A. in English literature and Japanese language and culture, an M.A. in teaching English as a second language, an M.A. in rhetoric, composition, and technical communication, a Ph.D. in rhetoric, composition, and the teaching of English.

Behind these accomplishments is a young deWinter, who starts off at community college and then transitions to a 4-year college. She was initially a math major and then pivoted to humanistic studies. As a student she was heavily involved in SGA and the Art Club. She also started a literature club and a fan club, through which she published a zine with a global subscriber base of over 200.

DeWinter moved to Japan in the 1990s, led by the desire to learn Japanese and study anime and animation.

Japan is where she started to work and nurtured her passion for gaming and game design. This passion would eventually become the center of her studies as a PhD. deWinter moved back to the U.S. for her PhD looking for more opportunities in her field, and while she almost dropped out, a rhetoric of video games class and a PlayStation gifted to her by her mother eventually succeeded in convincing deWinter to pursue a PhD in rhetoric, composition, and the teaching of English.  

At this time Dr. deWinter is digging into the history of Lewis college before it merged with Armor College — what once was Illinois Tech — with the invaluable support of Mindy Pugh, our university archivist. The Lewis college archives tell the story of a female dominated, non-white, and LGBTQ+ friendly community. This heritage is what ultimately led Armor College, and Illinois Tech as a result, to blossom into the diverse and inclusive community that it is today. Dean deWinter intends to revise and share the story of Lewis college with the student population at Illinois Tech.

Among other initiatives, the Dean intends to hold events at the Bog for Lewis college students and faculty, form an undergraduate advisory council to the Dean that would meet each month to inform the policies of the office, and bring more artists and humanists on campus.

We at TechNews are always thrilled to hear about new efforts toward integrating humanities other disciplines to enrich Illinois Tech’s tech core, and will update as the semester progresses.



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2022 - Fall - Issue 2