Mid 20s is the most uncertain age

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 09, 2020

The ones in their mid-20s can very well understand this line. When life is changing too fast. You enter in the real-world after your college. You started earning on your own and then you realize that life is not a cakewalk. Dealing with the world is a whole new different thing. The things around you are changing. The people around you are changing.

On one hand, you are turning from a college-going student to a mature person. On the other hand, parents and society want to turn you from a bachelor boy to a married man. There is much going on. You even don't know which way to choose. Friends in college are now turning to colleagues in the office. Casual behavior turning to professional behavior. There is so much transformation going inside out.

Amidst all this, a major transformation is going inside our personalities. This transformation leads to some uncertainties. We are uncertain of our life ahead. So many questions arising in our head.

Is this my dream job?

Am I following my passion?

Is this job enough to make me happy?

Our parents' expectations from us reach up to a new level after our graduation. They want us to look after our family. They want us to be responsible. They expect us to get married. Again, the questions:

Am I mature enough to get married?

Is this my right age to get married?

We are uncertain of the people we have along with us. Some old bonds are breaking, and some new bonds are making. All this comes along our way as a tornado of emotions, all at once. Crossing this bridge from an immature to mature person in this tornado is too difficult. Holding onto this time is too difficult.

Yes, I know and can understand that this is a big changing age in your life. All I want to say to people of this age is to be positive about this change and just have some patience. Things will sort out on their own. Just give a little time and everything is going to be okay.

Because the most beautiful morning comes after the darkest night.



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2020 - Fall - Issue 9