Midterm Madness- What do these Exams even Test?

Distribution Manager
Mon Mar 01, 2021

Another semester and another midterm exam, I genuinely wonder why do these exams exist. Do they train me to solve the problems of the world or do these train me to take exams in the organization I am going to work in? If the whole purpose of these exams is to improve your knowledge then why don't we take exams every day? I can visualize the terror on your faces right now. If we are so against exams why do we continue the process? There are so many questions within me about these exams. Well right now, along with many other students, I see exams as a rite of passage to enter the professional world and nothing more. If we have realized something significant in our lives, it is that straight A's don't define our intelligence. 

I stay with my friends who had their midterm exams this week and the individual exam turned out to be more of a group discussion to somehow complete the test by referring to answers from class notes. Well, I can say it developed their teamwork to complete a task collaboratively and they are sure to get good grades for it as well. We will also have our midterm tests online in the upcoming weeks and wonder how effective our teamwork is going to be. The professor under whom I am working for a research project said these golden words, "I don't believe in homework and exams, rather I want the student to learn something new every week through research and present every week during class." Although I dislike how strict he is with the presentation every week, I must agree he has a valuable point to improve the student's knowledge on a subject.

I am not entirely against the exams, we do need exams for medicine, law, etc. which examines whether you are a valuable candidate. I just don't see how mid-term tests here would help me. The objective of education is to make sure we understand and replicate these learnings in our careers moving forward. Any person could only do this only if they are true to their process of learning. We learn so much in college only to be unsure of what we really need in our careers going forward. So, let us start learning with the motive of acquiring knowledge that we could utilize in our future and not for the beauty of having straight A's in transcripts. 




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2021-Spring-Issue 5