Frozen music or liquid architecture?

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Mon Oct 04, 2021

Music is a branch of performing arts that can be defined as sound organized in time. It has various elements such as pitch, tone, timbre, texture, rhythm, harmony, and many more, which combine to form a composition. Various vocal techniques and instruments are used to produce music.
Architecture can be defined as a field governed by art and science. Spatial organization and function play a key role in architecture. Various elements such as walls, roofs, piers, foundations, etc. combine to form a structure.

The relationship between music and architecture seems to be a bit far-fetched when the terms are considered from a conventional perspective, however, when we take a deeper look the link becomes clearer. Music and architecture can both prove to be great tools to express emotions and ideas. Music is orchestrated by assembling various sounds to create a soothing, harmonic composition. Architecture is a composition of various structural elements and spaces. History, culture, location, demography all play vital roles in the composition of music as well as architectural structures. The sur and taal in music can be equated to design and structure in architecture.

Architect Daniel Libeskind says that both music and architecture are rigorous engagements. Music cannot be played approximately every note, every tempo, every harmony has to be present in the correct order for the composition to be appeasing. He believes that the same is true in the case of architecture, it cannot be done approximately, it has to be exact.

Architecture also can be supportive of music. A musical concert organized near a structure enhances both architecture and music and achieves a different dimension altogether. In this regard, architecture stands out as a backdrop for music resulting in the creation of an environment that reflects a distinct artistic character.

Architecture embodies various principles of music and vice-e-versa, however, it can also be used to develop spaces that actually create music. The Coca Cola beatbox pavilion, cargo guitar, Star Wars Barrel Organ, etc. are great examples wherein Music in Architecture has been used in its most literal sense.

Music pleases the ears while architecture pleases the vision and the most interesting part is that music and architecture have extreme similarities. The principles of architecture resemble that of music. Whether it is music or architecture both need an artistic mind and precision to develop. Architecture is said to be frozen music while music is said to be liquid architecture.




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