My First Halloween Experience

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 29, 2021

I was talking about experiencing my first Halloween to my friend who stays in Chicago. It was the 25th of October and he called me up telling me that he has got a ticket for a Halloween party at the Mine Music Hall at Lake Street. I was so excited about that and told him I am down for it.

On Halloween day’s eve, we attended the parade at State Street which was amazing to watch. I had a great time there. Then we drove straight to Mine Music Hall and we couldn’t find a parking lot. We parked the car about one and a half miles away and walked towards the party hall.

When we reached the party hall, we saw a queue about one mile from the entrance of the Bar. Since we had the tickets, we decided to stay in the queue. I couldn’t even imagine we stood in the line for three hours to get into the hall. Trust me I haven’t even stood so long in a queue even to get free stuff. I was pissed off and tired but once I got into the music hall, I saw people dressed up in different characters like ghostbuster, venom, devil, etc. and I started to get my energy back.

At the music hall, there was a concert going on and it was fully packed with no place even to walk. I got a chance to take pictures with people who dressed up and then we had a fun time in the party hall. We returned home around 5 a.m. and on Halloween Day, i.e., October 31, my friend picked me up from downtown and we went over to his home to celebrate Halloween. There I had a chance to meet the kids in his community who dressed up as different characters and played along with them. My friend’s home was well decorated and it was amazing with all the pumpkins and other decorative stuff.

The kids in the community came around knocking on the doors with their bags filled with candies. It was really a treat to watch and experience my first Halloween with them. Though I didn’t dress up this time, I would surely consider dressing up for the next Halloween. Kudos to my friend who made me experience and celebrate Halloween.



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