My first roadtrip experience

TechNews Writer
Mon Mar 06, 2023

It is obvious to say everyone would love to go on a road trip at some point in their life, and I have done multiple of them, but the first one was extremely special to me.

I embarked on my first road trip when I was 19 years old, and my friends and I decided to go on our first trip to Gokarna, which is a small town in Karnataka, India. During the initial planning stages we came up with about ten different destinations for our trip, each known for its uniqueness. We decided to go with Gokarna because of its pristine beaches, mountains to hike and beautiful waterfalls. The most important factor for choosing this place is that it has lots of hidden spots which are not known by many in India, and it was always a dream of mine to go to these kinds of lost wonders and then tell people about how beautiful the place is and what they would be missing out if they keep going to the same well-known places.

We started our journey early in the morning and rented a car as we had six people in our group. There were also trains and buses available to us, but according to our research and understanding, we found that the route was extremely scenic and should not be missed. The idea of us going on a road trip was inspired by an Indian movie called Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”: we all wanted to be those characters in that movie at some point in our life and finally it happened. After a seven-hour-long and tiring drive we safely reached our destination. A common question that is asked to people is “mountains” or “beaches”, and I wanted to always go to a combination of bot: this place proved to be the best example of that combination. We hiked the mountains around there and we also relaxed on the beaches until late at night having barbecues.

Nearby there was also a place where we could do water sports and scuba diving activities; the moment we heard of this we all got excited, and left immediately. It was genuinely a wonderful experience and was just the perfect icing on the cake for us; we all felt really content that the trip could not have ended better.

My first road trip was not just about the destination and tourist spots, but also about the journey, the people that we met, the food we tried and finally the memories that we created.



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2023 - Spring - Issue 7