My first theater experience in Chicago

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 08, 2021

For over ten years now I have been staying in a hostel or an on-campus residence, and these rooms and dormitories have always felt like homes away from home for me. During my school days we were allowed to watch television once a week, I guess that's why I love watching new movies whenever I get a chance to. 

Back in India I used to go to the theaters to watch the latest movies at least twice a month. Having come here to the United States in August of 2021, I had not been to any theaters in the past three months. One main reason for that is that the cost of a ticket back in India is 120 rupees, which is roughly equal to $1.50, whereas here it costs at least $11-15. Being an international student, spending $15 twice a month is a pain. That's why most of the time I avoid going to the theaters. 

Every day for almost a week, I was hearing positive reviews about this book-based movie, "Dune." I opened my system and played the trailer, and seriously by the end of the trailer I had already decided I wanted to watch this film, only on the large screen of a theater. Lucky me, that same evening one of my friends called and informed me about this offer at a local theater. The offer was that we were getting VIP seats for just $6.50. It is high in terms of standard Indian ticket rates, but less in terms of standard United States rates. Immediately, my friends and I got excited and booked for the same night. We were finally going for a movie in the theaters after a long long time. 

We were so excited that we missed our stop while on the Green Line; with just 10 minutes for the movie to start, we were on our toes when we reached Roosevelt. Thankfully, we reached the theater on time. Even before the movie, we were enjoying the theater experience, with total pushback and heated seats (don't judge me, it was like 34 Fahrenheit ) in which we could literally lie flat. Finally, the movie in whole was great, the experience in total was epic.



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