My Incoherent Ramblings: 2018, a retrospective

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 26, 2018

It is probably safe to say that this year has been a mixed bag of both wins and defeats for many. For some, the seas rose and washed away the land. In other part of the country, fire consumed the land leaving nothing but ash and cinder in its wake. Relief was always believed to be close, but for many people, that relief was perpetually out of reach but not sight. A frustrating sensation engulfed many people this year, a sense that could best be described as a society-wide feeling of constipation.

A desperate desire for relief is something that can likely be felt by many for just about any subject of interest. People involved in politics have been waiting for two years for this year's midterm elections. People living from payday to payday have waited long for the economy to improve its position. Ask anyone, and they will tell you there is something they have been waiting for all year. For a few souls, it may be end of the year itself that they are waiting for. Who could blame those who wish to see this nerve racking year finally come to an end? 

The consequences of past actions have made themselves known this year, such as the effects of global warming on the severity of storms and the intensity of wildfires. It is unlikely that such events are to decrease in frequency or severity anytime soon, so it is a safe bet to consider such events as a new norm in this period of the post-modern age. The same can be said of the relentless series of mass shootings which now registers on the same level of concern and focus on the news as the announcement of winning lottery numbers each week. 

Will there be relief in 2019? It is unlikely that wide-scale relief will appear, but for some people, the relief has already come. National politics have already seen the return of checks in what many saw as a unrestrained government.  Fates of many people who went missing as a result of man-made and natural disasters have been discovered, providing numerous families the relief or sense of closure they were denied for what must have felt for them to be an eternity. At least for them, relief is ahead in the coming months. For the rest of us, only time will tell how the frustrations of 2018 will come to shape not only 2019, but all years to come thereafter.  



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