My Trip to Washington D.C.

TechNews Writer
Mon Jan 23, 2023

It was the last week of November, and everyone was busy with their studies for the finals except me. I had to plan my perfect trip to DC despite the mounting pressure that the unexplored coursework gave. Starting with the long process (Not H1B) of getting the approval of my parents, I had everything which I required. Now came the easiest part of selecting the date and the airline (which I would later regret). With the satisfaction of perfecting the plans for my trip, I had to indulge in the excruciating process of getting through the ‘finals’ week. With the pride of getting through the finals with fewer breakdowns than I expected, I completed the preparation with the packing and check-in.

The day finally arrived along with what I would call a “bone-chilling” snowstorm which brought the temperature down to -20°C (-4°F). With the hopes of making it to the destination, I began my adventure to DC, reaching ORD 3 hours prior to the take-off (Sorry, Not Sorry), I had a couple of movies downloaded on my iPad with the assumption that the waiting time wouldn’t be more than the duration of the movies I had. A notification popped up on my mobile “Take-off time has been changed to 6:15”, Little did I know that that would not be my last notification about my flight delay. After the boarding call, we boarded the flight only to wait inside for the next 4 hours for the flight to take off but alas the flight could not be started due to some technical issue. We were deplaned and boarded the second time with the whole passenger crowd clapping for the flight and its crew. To make everyone’s nightmare real, the flight was halted during the taxi with the announcement that “engine 1” has failed. The flight was cancelled, and people had to rush to get their alternate flights which changed our flight time from 1 hour 45 minutes to 9 hours since there was a layover in Oklahoma. With little to no hope I contacted customer service, and luckily, I got the ticket for the direct flight for the next day.

After staying in the airport for nearly a whole day, I boarded the flight and this time it was a smooth journey. The “Ronald Regan Washington National Airport” though small was such a beautiful one. From there I went straight to a family gathering for a Christmas party, it was my first Christmas party in the US, it was such a great experience, and the hosts were generous enough to present me with Christmas gifts. The next day, my uncle and I visited the “Lincoln Memorial”. The architecture was elegant, and the speech of President Lincoln inscribed in the memorial added much more admiration to the place. Later, we visited “The Capitol”. The building, gardens, and Christmas tree were such a beautiful sight to see. At the end of the day, we visited the “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr” Memorial with his statue standing majestical like his glory.

On Day 2, We visited the “Washington Monument” which is dedicated to US President George Washington. Later, we visited the “White House”. The Christmas decorations and lights gave an enchanting view. The National Christmas tree in the gardens of the white house was such a delight to see with the mini-Xmas tree from each state accompanying it. The tree from “The State of Illinois” was decorated with the artworks of the students from “Oregon High School”. The drawings had “Chicago bean”, “Chicago Skyline” and various other art representing Illinois in a very exquisite way. On the final day of my trip, I visited the “Steven F Udvar Hazy Center” which is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. The Museum had flights from World War 1 and 2 and had model flights from nations such as Germany and Japan. The innovations of Germany during World War 2 were astounding. The museum also displayed recent missiles and fighter jets developed by “Lockheed Martin” and “Northrop Grumman”.  The space shuttle built by NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was also displayed along with a live zoom call with one of the engineers from NASA to explain it. The interaction with the engineer was such a valuable one. Later that day we visited the “Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History”. This museum had one of the largest collections and displays of the evolution of various species with interactive displays and games to engage the viewers. The display of human evolution was wonderfully made. Other species such as marine life and reptiles were also present. In addition to this, the history, culture, and lives of various tribes in America, Africa, and Asia were also displayed, and this gave various insights into different tribes and their practices. This concluded my trip to DC. This trip was such a roller-coaster, but I would say it was worth it.



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2023 - Spring - Issue 1