No, God, no! I don't want this to end

Distribution Manager
Mon Apr 26, 2021

I am assembling a team of exemplary nerds to create a time machine. So, techies please contact me. Let us work together to make me go back in time, probably before the pandemic and stop time forever and relish my moments at Illinois Tech. If a team of fictional characters in Marvel could do it, I know we can do it as well. I genuinely do not want my time at Illinois Tech to end. The first reason being these two years have been the best years of my life with numerous new adventures. I haven't felt this attached to an educational institution since high school, and this is going to be the last student phase of my life. I just want to keep repeating my two years here and probably study different things and try out more kinds of stuff that I missed.

The next big reason is that I don't want to move to the next phase of my life, which is getting a job and getting into adulthood effectively. There is no going back once I start the next phase of my career with a job. It is scary how I will never get the time to relax without worrying about anything, having just three classes per week. I will miss binge-watching TV shows, anime; now I am not sure if I can even have a good sleep. We all know as you get older the responsibilities keep accumulating and you will hardly find time to do what you love. I know it is immature to ask for this, but deep down every one of us is a child who would just love to live carefreely. Most of all I will miss sleeping at six in the morning once I get a job (if you know a job that runs only at night, please let me know). 

I am more scared to step into the phase where everything you make relentlessly disappears in the form of various new commitments. I have seen my father, and I have seen my friends lead a life for others. It is a noble thing to do, but why can't I just stay where I am and appreciate the stress-free life I have now? But that is way life is, you have to keep moving along with the time, with bigger challenges (someone please invent the time machine fast). I love how submitting the assignments on time at Blackboard was my biggest concern; compared to delivering high-quality work to the clients in the future. I would choose the former on any given day. I am anxious to say that I have been enjoying an especially nonchalant life in these last few months, but I know it will not last.  

I am not exactly thrilled about the next phase of life, although it has its benefits and growth. Somebody please save me. I don't want this to end.



Appears in
2021 - Spring - Issue 11