No Matter what, I will stay with you

Distribution Manager
Mon Nov 23, 2020

I have been living in this world since the start of this world. I have watched atoms being formed, skies becoming blue, stones becoming mountains, and streams becoming oceans. I have witnessed the marvel of the first life that ever came into existence which was one in 100 billion possibilities. I have seen dinosaurs ruling the world at one time and then perishing centuries later. Well, by now, you would have guessed who I am. No, I am not God, but I am what you call me as "Time."

There is a common misconception that I live only within watches and clocks. But I stay everywhere and most importantly, I stay with you from the moment you are formed as a fetus. I stay with you when you are happy, sad, and heal your wounds. I have been teaching you through experience. I also want to emphasize, I am the only unbiased, fair person in this world. I do not discriminate, I do not complain, I do not judge, I fill each one of you with opportunities every second. When you acknowledge me, you will most certainly master me over some time and achieve incredible things. But when you neglect me, you are left with the same opportunities you had as before. Well, the only unchangeable order I place to you is once you miss me, you will never get me back. Well, I love all the movies you make wishing you could travel through me back and forth. 

I have watched your great grandparents live and die. I have been watching your parents and you so far. It hurts me when you do not utilize me effectively and regret your decisions. But, I am happy I have made you stronger.  I sometimes wish I had a voice like you, to tell the ones who make rash decisions and waste away their lives. I want to tell them that they could achieve so many greater things. I wish to tell them what they are going to miss in the future. I want to stop every man-made mistake. Finally, I wish I could tell you that, your lives are the most unbelievable gift anyone in this universe could wish for. You could do and be anything you want and never falter as you move ahead; I am always with you.

To finish off, let me tell you a secret, everyone says go chase your passion, go chase your dreams, go chase money, etc. You don't need to do it all, just keep chasing me and work accordingly and I will grant you everything you wish for in this world.



Appears in
2020 - Fall - Issue 10