No WiFi for a day, or how it felt to time travel back a decade

Distribution Manager
Mon Apr 19, 2021

It has been years that I was in a situation without an internet connection, yet unfortunately I was faced with that problem a short number of days ago. I must say I revisited the 2000s, traveling back to a decade ago without WiFi. It all started when the apartment management decided to cut off the tree branches to make way for the summer blossoms. It went smooth until they accidentally snapped the Wi-Fi cable. It took almost an hour to realize the internet cable was cut off. I would have restarted the modem at least 30 times, hoping to get back the connection. Finally, my friend decided to play detective and found that the cable wire outside our home was snapped. We called the cable operator only to reach the voicemail. So, I decided to raise a complaint online through my mobile phone only to find out that I had exhausted my mobile data weeks ago. Finally, my friend managed to do it and exhausted his data as well.

I came to a revelation about so many things without Wi-Fi. First, time stops, and it moves even slower than a snail. I have been trying to do different things to get through time, and an hour felt like a day. I realized I could clean the dishes, do laundry, cook food, vacuum the carpets, rearrange my closet all within an hour. I would usually take more than half a day to complete all listening to music, seeing YouTube videos, browsing online for things I don't care about, etc. But without the internet connection, I realized I was the most productive. Second, I realized you are cut off from the world, you will not know what is happening in the world, not even what is happening near you. I was wondering what if there was a zombie apocalypse and we were the first to get bitten. Nobody would even know until somebody with data or an intact internet cable was bitten. We have transformed so dramatically that, without our phones and internet, we would not even realize if the world came to an end.

It was a hint of nostalgia taking me back to my childhood days where there was no internet connection and I would do something like paint, read books, play trivia, and hang around at a friend's place. So that's what we decided to do. But instead of going over, we invited our friends to visit us to have good old times talking and playing board games and decided to spend a day without Wi-Fi. I must say we almost relived our childhood days without phones, we played board games, had so much fun and laughter. We even went outside and played cricket. Never for a second was I was worried about my phone or what notifications would pop up. Well, the next day after Wi-Fi was restored, I went back crying to my phone saying "I missed you so much, please don't ever leave me."



Appears in
2021-Spring-Issue 10