Athlete Spotlight - Volleyball - Kate Kendall

Technews Writer
Thu Oct 20, 2011
Name: Kate Kendall
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Sport: Volleyball
Position: Outside Hitter (OH)
Favorite thing about your sport: The adrenaline rush I have when I get a kill or make an awesome save. You can't help but smile to yourself and it always pumps me up for the next play!
What you like best about the fans at your games: Even though we may not show it, we can hear everything that is yelled and said at games. I've heard some funny stuff over the few seasons I've played here! The constant support and witty remarks make our fans awesome and keep me motivated throughout the match.
Favorite thing to do on campus: I really like going to other sporting events to support the other athletes, and I really enjoy hanging out at the apartment i live in with 5 of my teammates! There's always something crazy happening!
Secret to being great at your sport: I think a great player truly has a sense of the game and is intense with everything she does. It's important to go at every play with everything you have and never take it easy on the opponent. Go up and hit every attempt like it's a game winning kill. If you miss and whiff, a kills a kill and you still get the point on the stats sheet!