Fall 2011 Career Fair

Technews Writer
Mon Oct 03, 2011

On Thursday, September 22nd, the Career Management Center hosted its annual Fall Career Fair. This was the largest fair ever, which is remarkable in the light of prevailing economic conditions. The CMC put months of tireless effort into organizing this fair and attracting the best employers for IIT students. It was a significant improvement over the previous Career Fairs in recent memory, in terms or both organization and participation from visiting recruiters.

The event itself was a tremendous success. Over 160 different corporations, from different industries like finance, marketing, IT, engineering, and government research institutions came to campus to meet with and recruit IIT students. Some of the firms represented, like kCura, traditionally has employed a large number of IIT alumni, and are always looking to hire more IIT graduates.

To put all of this in perspective, IIT is one of the smaller schools in the Chicago Metro area, coming in around 7500 graduate and undergraduate students. IIT’s career fair however, is the largest in the region - bigger than the fairs put on by DePaul, Loyola, UIC, and The University of Chicago. All this means that IIT students have an even greater opportunity to impress employers and network.

The Fair was a good experience, even for the underclassmen, who got a taste of what it means to actually go out and impress employers. It's all about going up to them and asking for opportunities and projecting yourself in a way that convinces them that you can be a significant addition to their organization.

If you missed the Fall Career Fair, don’t panic. The CMC puts on a Spring Career Fair in February as well. This fall’s fair was a great event, and is indicative of IIT’s reputation for producing alumni with both technical and professional skills that make them a valuable addition to any workplace.