Introducing SGA's "I Want" cards

Technews Writer
Sun Sep 11, 2011

Key to Illinois Tech’s Student Government Association is representing the thoughts and opinions of the students of the school. In order to do this, we use many means to answer the question: just what are your (the students') thoughts and opinions? The most obvious strategy being that senators talk to their peers, find out what they like and don’t like about their school, and bring the issues back to Senate to try to resolve.

IIT Thoughts is another initiative to get students in contact with their senators. IIT Thoughts ( is a digital form any student with a computer can access to tell SGA how they feel about IIT.

And now, there is yet another way to let us know what you think about IIT: the “I Want” cards. Simply cut out the card that looks like a generic nametag (other than the fact that it’s green and says “I want this to be”). Think of something you’d like to see on campus, and write it on the card. Then take a picture of the card in front of whatever or wherever your desired object is. Send the picture to [email protected], and we’ll put your pictures on our Facebook and pass them on to the administration. One picture is worth a thousand words, so tell us what you want by sending us a picture. It’s our way of getting everyone to have a little fun and help the university along the way.