Galvin's Undergraduate Research Specialists

Technews Writer
Sun Sep 11, 2011

Many undergrads view the library as uncharted territory.  Some even take pride in the fact that they have delayed visiting the library for their entire first year (or longer).  However, there often comes a time in a student's academic career where using the library is advantageous, or even required to complete a class assignment or project.  Using any new system for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming, especially as an assignment deadline approaches.  Fortunately, Galvin Library has a new team of Undergraduate Research Specialists (URS) to help navigate the library's resources.  URS consists of 11 undergraduates from a variety of disciplines.  They are available when librarians are not available, giving students someone to turn to when using the library during nights and weekends.  URS can answer questions related to how to use Galvin Library to do research on a given topic.  URS put an emphasis on educating their peers, in hopes that everyone who has used the service will be a more capable user of the library.  URS encourages students to not procrastinate visiting the library, as gathering desired information becomes more difficult when a deadline looms just days or hours ahead.  URS can be found in the Research Help Office on the 2nd floor of Galvin Library from 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and all day on the weekends.  The URS team is eager to help their fellow students and will do their best to answer any questions.  To find out more, visit Undergraduate Research Specialists at IIT on Facebook ( or contact the URS supervisor Janelle Ruswick at [email protected]