Technews Writer
Sun Sep 11, 2011
With all the things that have been going on in Libya for the past few months, I know I should be glad that the tyranny of the Gadhafi regime is finally being challenged. However, instead I’m more skeptical about the Libyan rebels – are they any better than Gadhafi’s loyalists? What are their intentions, besides overthrowing their government? Can we even trust them? And, once the rebels accomplish their goals, what sort of government would they set up, and how?
Second, I find myself ashamed of many fellow Americans. Over the past few months that I’ve been reading about the war in Libya via the internet, I have inevitably come across user comments which I’ve taken personally. Often times, these people vent out their frustrations – “Why should we help the Libyans in their war?” “Don’t we already have problems of our own to take care of?” I wonder, whatever has happened to humanity in this world? Those people aren’t any different than we are – they’re still humans like the rest of us. When I was little, I would hear stories of how even the poor people in India would give whatever they had to their neighbors whenever they desperately needed it. Those selfless people didn’t care much of their own plight, so long as they were able to help others. What makes this any different, besides the magnitude of the situation? Many Libyans are crying for freedom and democracy – why shouldn’t we lend them a helping hand, in the name of humanity?
The people I am most worried about now are the civilians themselves. In the midst of this war, they will suffer no matter which side wins. I understand that innocent lives will always be lost whenever there is war; but how much of this sacrifice is too much? Houses get destroyed, families get separated, and there’s always a constant fear in the hearts of these civilians. Is anyone listening to their cries for help? And if there is, why don’t we pitch in to support the cause?
If there is anyone out there who can answer all these questions of mine, I would be very grateful.