What’s Your Angle ∠?

Kira Vincent
Technews Writer
Thu Sep 01, 2011
“Hey Charlie, did you read the newspaper this morning?”
“Good morning Angie, and no, I didn’t; I had an early class. Why was there something interesting?”
“Interesting isn’t the word I would use for it. There was this really scary article about this doctor on trial for literally euthanizing one of his patients! Can you believe that?”
“Well it isn’t really that surprising. The debate on whether or not it should be legal for a doctor to provide assisted death to patients has been going on for a long time. If someone is really sick and in a lot of pain and there is no cure, don’t they deserve the choice of ending their suffering earlier?”
“But you can’t be sure they won’t find a cure or some sort of treatment. What if someone has a year to live and decides on euthanasia, and a cure comes out in six months? That situation can seem hopeless and a really sick person may not see that there is always a chance for a cure and make a rash decision.”
“True, but that is a rare example. There are so many patients in hospitals that have a really low quality of life because they are literally just waiting to die. Many patients have said that if it was legalized they would opt for euthanasia. It’s sad, but if it was legalized there would be more space in hospitals and more medication available for other patients.”
“That does make sense, but what about people who are depressed and don’t want to live? Do they have the right to go to the doctor and ask to die as well, even though there is a treatment and they aren’t actually dying? And if you aren’t going to give them that right, where do you draw the line?”
“That’s a really good point. I guess the reason this issue is up for debate so often is because with all the different ways you can look at it, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer.”
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