An introduction to TechNews, summer 2018

Technews Writer
Tue May 29, 2018

Beyond the information that you can quickly glean from scanning this paper (like how we’re the student newspaper for the Illinois Institute of Technology), there might still be some information about TechNews that you’d like to know. Thus, this short introduction to the actual TechNews paper, the team behind it, and opportunities we have should hopefully clear any confusion or ambiguity surrounding our little operation. Stay with me here, you could possibly come out of this article with a new opportunity to earn some extra income with us.

As the student newspaper of the Illinois Institute of Technology since 1928, TechNews is run by a team of students, with some oversight (mainly in terms of logistics and payroll) from the Office of the Dean of Students. There are no administrative limitations on what is published by TechNews (barring obvious extreme cases). Political views, criticisms of staff or faculty, and other controversial statements, while perhaps not immediately relevant or palatable to our reader base, are not inherently banned from publication in TechNews. That being said, our writers do try to tailor our articles to the campus at-large, such as by providing coverage of student organizations, staff and faculty news, and other notable changes around campus, in addition to a number of articles that we publish just for fun.

Every TechNews article falls into one of four categories: Campus, Opinion, Student Government Association (SGA), Arts and Entertainment (A&E), and Sports. Campus hosts articles that directly concern the university and its population, including notable changes in staff and faculty, campus events, and other announcements that are applicable to the majority of Illinois Tech members. Opinion is reserved for articles that have more pronounced personal tones or agendas. An article that would otherwise belong in Campus but otherwise pushes a certain point-of-view would be placed in Opinion. The SGA section is specifically reserved for articles concerning the Illinois Tech SGA, the body of students that directly represents the student body to campus administration. The A&E section contains articles about all manners of popular culture, from books, board games, and video games to music reviews and concert coverage. Finally, the Sports section offers coverage of Illinois Tech Athletics and updated schedules of matches. 

TechNews is always looking for more writers to submit articles in each of these categories. The current staff is specifically looking to add athletics coverage to the paper. Information on how to get started as a TechNews writer can be found at the end of this article, but the important note should be made that after a third article is submitted by an Illinois Tech student, that student is eligible to join the team as a staff writer, which comes with the benefit of small monetary compensation for articles!

In addition, if writing isn’t your thing, you can also join (and subsequently be paid) by joining TechNews as a photographer (either capturing photographs of campus events or even personal photography), an editor (either a copy editor checking for grammar consistency or a layout editor designing each physical issue), or on the TechNews executive board (with the positions of Distribution Manager, Information Technology Manager, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, and Editor-in-Chief regularly up for election, usually from within the organization). If any of these possible roles sound up your alley, and you are a super cool person that wants to contribute to Illinois Tech’s free press, consider getting in contact with us by contacting our Editor-in-Chief at [email protected]. We’re always looking for new content creators and editors!

Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 14