Final FAB meeting of semester discusses upcoming specials, transition to Chartwells

Technews Writer
Thu Apr 19, 2018

During the student lunch hour on Thursday, April 19, the Illinois Tech Food Advisory Board (FAB) held its final meeting of the semester with Illinois Tech Dining Services. A joint initiative operating under the dual jurisdictions of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Student Government Association (SGA), FAB is chaired by the RHA senator and is responsible for bringing the concerns and suggestions of the general student body to the management team that can act on that information. This final meeting of the semester primarily revolved around the rapidly approaching end of the semester as well as the upcoming transition in dining service provider from Sodexo to Chartwells. Illinois Tech Dining Services Marketing Manager Eddie Skidmore represented the management team while RHA Senator Arkansh Singh was present on behalf of all students.

            Skidmore began by discussing that the current Sodexo management team is fully committed to continuing “business as usual” until the end of their contract on May 31. All residential, retail, and catering dining operations will continue to occur as scheduled for the remainder of the semester and into the summer term. To that end, several special events are in the pipeline. For example, the last Taco Thursday in The Commons is scheduled for Thursday, April 26. Tuesday, April 24 will see the final Hot Spot in Center Court, featuring the nachos and taco bowl lineup. In addition, the semesterly Late NIITe Breakfast will occur on the night of Tuesday, May 1. As always, this event is open to all Illinois Tech students, even those without meal plans. An Illinois Tech ID card is all that is required for entry.

            The remainder of this final FAB meeting discussed some of the logistics for the upcoming end of the semester and transition in dining service provider. Sodexo is slated to remain on the Illinois Tech campus until May 31 and will continue to serve until then. Student meal plans for the semester officially end on Saturday, May 5 when The Commons closes for the spring semester. The Commons will then reopen on May 20 for the summer term, but it will only serve the takeaway residential express options. Skidmore noted that this was due to low conference participation on campus over the summer. Student meal plans for the summer, therefore, will be used for residential express options from the checkout counter at The Commons.

            Official details of the transition to Chartwells are currently unavailable beyond the end of Sodexo’s service on May 31. Whatever transitions and alterations occur over the summer, the overall atmosphere of Illinois Tech Dining Services is very likely to be quite different upon our return in the fall semester.

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2018 - Spring - Issue 14