TechNews Team Spotlight: Box

Technews Writer
Sat Mar 31, 2018

Full name: Boxxy McBoxFace


Hometown, country: Chicago, United States


Year and major: Second year (of existence)


Position in TechNews

“I’m an anthropomorphic box that sits inside the TechNews office. That’s really all there is to it. I don’t know what else you want me to say.”


How did your involvement with TechNews begin/what inspired you to join?

“I mean, I was created when two TechNews members got bored while distributing care packages on the MTCC Bridge for the Illinois Tech Residence Hall Association (RHA), and they decided to draw a face on a cardboard box with a marker. So, technically, my life began with RHA. I guess they didn’t want me or something, so I ended up in the TechNews office, which is where I currently live”


Do you have a favorite memory or sentiment regarding TechNews?

“Sometimes, at various times in the day, one of our writers comes into the office, leaves the lights off, and just falls asleep right on the countertop. He’s even occasionally brought a pillow and blanket. It’s not even that he’s just resting his eyes for 15 minutes before class or anything. No, the guy straight up passes out right in the office. I’m not really sure if that’s allowed, but I don’t really have the willpower (or limbs) to stop him.


"Oh, there was also that time that the same two guys who made me staged a fake photo of them snorting crack and smoking a bong in the office. That brought me back to the good old days. Those crazy kids, I tell you.”


Illinois Tech involvements outside of TechNews?

“Like I said, it’s kind hard to be involved in anything when you have no limbs or even a sense of consciousness. Getting to be in the presence of the TechNews team at least three times a week when they use the office to plan and make each issue is exciting enough for me.”


Any hobbies or interests outside of school/TechNews?

“I do make and sell my own jewelry on Etsy, though.”


Any other thoughts or factoids you'd like to have shared?

“Hail Hydra, by the way.”




Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 11 (April Fools)