Quotes from the TechNews office completely without context

Technews Writer
Sun Mar 25, 2018

Annie Zorn: "Ethan - Ethan = 0"

Soren Spicknall: "I'm listening, but I also had to say 'liquid anthrax.'"

Ethan Castro, whispering in Soren Spicknall’s ear: "The Tigris and the Euphrates."

Alexandra Detweiler: “Annie's Jewish, too, isn't she?”

Ethan Castro: “She is? I thought she was an architect.”

Ethan Castro: "The less I have to do with Donald Trump's a**, the better."

Quinn Castaneda: "Is there anything I can do for you? I'm asking seriously, not seductively."

David Sobel: “Do you have a remote for that?”

Soren Spicknall: “This is a piece of plastic.”

Ethan Castro: "You can't spell approximate without mate."

Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 11 (April Fools)