Writing Contest Poetry Winners

IIT Lewis Department of Humanities
Technews Writer
Sun Apr 15, 2018

A Souvenir

by Giovanni Centeno

I have a snow globe

the size of a dark corner for two

it’s filled with the taste of late night egg sandwich

it glows with soft neon light

it smells of urine and hot salted peanuts

Look closely and you’ll see it still hums

Shake it and feel

the static of purple night electricity

clinging to your fingertips

the cold of park bench dew

slowly soak through your jacket

the creeping daylight

and a slight dizzy headache

I froze all these moments in a bubble

a warm whiskey hiccup

I wasn’t in love with you

but I’ll keep it on the shelf


by Rukayat Bello

I held your hand,
As the day waned to the imminent dusk
As the little faith, prayers and sacred text no longer consoled me
As the vitality pumping through your veins became a stand still
As ice crept across, subduing the warmth of your fingertips
As you softly breathed the words "I'm sorry"
As you relinquished the worries of the world, going gently into that night

You held my hand, 
As you sheltered me from life's gales but never the truth
As I transitioned into womanhood
As I worked towards reclaiming a resemblance of Libra balance 
As I mastered the skills as your apprentice with the tools provided
As I pursued several endeavors, with you as my coach
As you witnessed me in all phases : no signs of conscious life,  me  living, and my lost  desire to live

We hold hands, 
As I nourish my soul with every savory meal I prepare. 
As I stumble down the road less traveled
As your parting wisdom pushes me to finish the race
As I examine features in the mirror--my fingers,  my lips,  my face
As I realize gradually that I am a product of your prayers and reflection
As I see your reflected image in me 

Our hands still hold,  
Although most, by now, would have already released their grasp
As I am unsure that I can ever let go. 
For as long as I can recall,
We've always held hands.

P + J by Cristian Pintor

Its J-O-E-Y,

and two syllables:


It begins with his jade green eyes,

it continues with his orange Parkside High School hoodie,

then the scent of his Calvin Klein Euphoria cologne,

and his Yeezy obsession,

These are what makes Joey, Joey.

It’s Joey,

at 11:30AM during lunch

across the room,

and a desk ahead in history.

Then its Pete plus Joey,

over and over again.

Inside a blotched black heart,

next to AP calc notes.


at the baseball game,

and who lives a couple of houses down the street,

Joey at prom with Anna.

Pete plus Joey, again,

Scratched against metal.

Underneath pictures of Elon Musk

and Columbia University.

If it only really were Pete plus Joey,

not scribbled on notebook paper,

not hidden under idols and goals,

but in the middle of the hallway

between history and calc,

for everyone to see (Anna)

Pete plus Joey.

Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 13