Illinois Tech Spotlight: Madina Tahmas

Technews Writer
Sun Mar 04, 2018

"People say they want to change the world, but if I am able to help just one person- that is more than enough," says senior Madina Tahmas. Tahmas makes small differences around Illinois Tech's campus everyday. As the resident advisor of Kappa Phi Delta, she oversees over forty members living in the sorority, engaging with each and every one of them on a daily basis. A few of her responsibilities include making sure her sisters are safe and that they can go to her with any problems they face.

She is recognized for her generosity, positive attitude, and excellent style. Tahmas is also praised for her academic success. She is currently part of the co-terminal program and will be receiving her masters in finance next year, in hopes of working for the United Nations one day. She is already one step there with an interview with the World Bank in the summer. She believes in changing the world one act at a time. She displays this in all of her classes by setting goals for herself, which she achieves on a consistent basis. By doing this she not only prospers in the classroom, but also in all other aspects of her life.

Tahmas is also an international student and shares similar struggles with her other non-domestic classmates. She was born in Uzbekistan and lived there until the age of 21. Additionally, she had already received an undergraduate degree from Westminster International University before applying to Illinois Tech for a second undergraduate degree and masters. She states her biggest challenge was the culture shock she experienced at her first class here and how different everything was structured. Tahmas loves representing her country as well as gaining new experiences in Chicago to intertwine with her own. She loves the business aspect of corporate America and believes it is the way to tackle poverty. Career-wise, Tahmas states she is "never afraid to fail," and that she would rather take on risks and failure in her career than be in a feud with family and friends.

Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 8