YouTube Reviews: LongBeachGriffy

Doorvesh Santbakshsing
Technews Writer
Sat Mar 03, 2018

In the midst of writing a YouTube Review about Logan Paul the other day, I realized that the segment that I devote a few hours to every week should not be about creators that are thriving on the platform and need no attention, but should rather focus on original creators that are trying to differentiate themselves amongst the crowd. At the beginning of January, YouTube’s algorithm changed yet again, and a castaway survivor from that change was Anthony Griffin, the creator of "LongBeachGriffy."

In a world where Vine babies came to YouTube to infect the platform with short “comedy” sketches, Anthony comes out of nowhere, with original humor that comments on the current state of American affairs, life as a black person, taco Tuesday, and Samoans. The reason LongBeachGriffy has amassed such a following is because of his originality mixed with satire that seems controversial and out of place but somehow manages to land laughs with his audience and fanbase. All of the videos star Anthony, who wears different attires and wigs to portray different characters. Most of the videos end with the characters having an awkward or rude conversation which ends up with a loud and overused thud, the characters whispering (or shouting sometimes) “I’m going home,” with Lorri Perri’s "Up Against the Wind" playing in the background. Griffin’s humor is also carried very much by the way he articulates his phrases and slurs. Sometimes he breaks the fourth wall to stare at the audience, and this is when his creativity shines brightest.

Griffin’s content remains concise and only goes as far as two minutes, cutting out the useless bits of his sketches and leaving only the important parts. He posts vlogs from time to time, and even does "Q&A" sessions to celebrate milestones on his channel. However, most of his content focuses on him being a sketch comedian, which is where he falls short. He has limited success of expanding his audience on YouTube, a platform on which the most successful performers have switched to and experimented with their content constantly. This does not take away from the fact that his content remains one of the best on the platform yet in his category.

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2018 - Spring - Issue 8