TechNews Team Spotlight: Ethan Castro

Technews Writer
Sat Apr 14, 2018

Full name: Ethan Kristofer Fidelis Castro

Hometown, country: Des Plaines, Illinois

Year and major: Third year co-terminal student, pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s of public administration

Position in TechNews: Currently, I am a writer and copy editor for TechNews, although I also run the organization’s Facebook account in an unofficial manner.

How did your involvement with TechNews begin/what inspired you to join?

During the 2016-2017 academic year, I was a senator in Student Government Association (SGA). As part of the Communications Committee, I was tasked with increasing SGA’s presence in TechNews. This took the form of me writing an article a week on a project SGA was working on. Over time, I took to writing articles on things going on with organizations I was a part of, such as the Residence Hall Association (RHA). Eventually, I found myself writing on just about every substantial event or development in every student organization I was a part of. The way I rationalized this workload was that I was going to a myriad of student organization events and taking my own notes, anyway, so how much harder is it to then translate into an article for mass publication? Today, this takes the form of me attending student organization and other campus events solely to cover them in the paper, alongside some other sections I write for my own personal satisfaction (such as my LEGO set reviews or Hidden History pieces).

Do you have a favorite memory or sentiment regarding TechNews?

Over the past academic year, many of the articles and sections that have been less traditional for me to write also came with a lot of doubt from within myself. Starting a section on LEGO sets, writing about history’s stranger stories, or even recalling my own experiences with sleep paralysis all came with a lot of uncertainty over committing them to print. How would these pieces be received? Will readers find my works irrelevant? Is it really worth printing my interests and insecurities in hundreds of paper issues?

Yet, each time I have taken a personal risk with an article, it was met with the warmest reception possible. Many of the students, staff, and faculty of Illinois Tech have reached out to me personally to deliver the most positive feedback I could have ever imagined. On one occasion, prior Provost Frances Bronet even emailed me directly to thank me for my piece on her departure from the university. The support of our readers has to be the best experience this paper has given me.

Illinois Tech involvements outside of TechNews?

Currently, I am also a DJ on WIIT, as the host of the Taylor Swift-themed show “no its becky.” It airs every Thursday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. In previous years, I have also held positions in the President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC), RHA, SGA, and the Undergraduate Business Council (UBC).

Any hobbies or interests outside of school/TechNews?

The great thing about the breadth of my articles is that it paints a fairly accurate picture of what my interests are - namely video games, collecting LEGO sets, collecting tidbits of historical trivia, and doing my part to improve the state of this campus. In addition, I am trying to get into cosplay and am most proud of the “Bloodborne” hunter costume I made for Halloween last year.

Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 13