TEDxIIT: The Sprint

Technews Writer
Sun Mar 18, 2018

TEDxIIT is under a lot of pressure. It’s a very good thing. 

We students are used to dealing with pressure: exams, quizzes, and more pop quizzes. This time, it’s a different kind of pressure: a Pre-Event on Sunday, April 8, 2018. 

“What is a pre-event? How is it different from the main event?” you ask.

Illinois Tech alum Amy Segami, founder of TEDxIIT, explained, “Pre-event is like a movie trailer and then some. You get a preview of what is to come, meet the planning team behind the scenes, and you could even audition to become a part of the upcoming event, leaving your fingerprints on TEDxIIT 2018.”

Essentially, the pre-event gives you the insights and a taste of what's to come. You can become a volunteer, a nominator, a talent, a speaker buddy, and other innovative and imaginative roles. You might even create your own position, as some of us have done in the past. You become an actor or extra as this movie is being made, literally. Those in the leadership role did exactly that when they decided to take up a leadership position. The committee chairs have had a general interest in their committee, based upon the name, at first. When they got a better understanding, a preview of what they would be responsible for, they decided with confidence. 

For example, the Hospitality Committee Chair, Vasanti Dhakate, wasn’t sure initially. “Does hospitality mean helping people to feel comfortable and welcome as if they are in their own homes?” 

“That’s exactly right!” Segami exclaimed. It was an easy choice for the hospitality chair at that point. She did it at home all the time whenever she had guests.

Every chair and co-chair revealed what they had learned that helped them decide to take the responsibilities.

Sponsorship, Labib: “Knowing that I will directly contact organizations to get money and supplies aligned with my goal of becoming more confident in myself. I want to be someone that makes things happen.”

Sergeant at Arms, Yash Chaudhari: “The behind-the-scenes things are important. When I learned that I’d be responsible for setting up the meeting place, making sure that the equipment is ready, along with everything else in place to run the meeting smoothly, it was easy.”

Marketing, Shreyash Shah: “I’ve had experience in marketing before. When I found out that there are opportunities to reach out beyond the student community, I would like to make that a reality.”

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