LEGO set review: New York City (set #21028)

Ethan Castro
Technews Writer
Fri Mar 16, 2018

It seems rather strange that after several LEGO city skyline reviews, I am only now just getting to perhaps the most ubiquitous city in the world. New York City hardly needs much of an introduction; a city at the confluence of the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern coast of the United States, New York City has been the largest city in the United States since 1790, and it continues to remain one of the most visited and architecturally significant cities in the world. The poster child for city skylines, it is only proper that New York City joins the line of LEGO Architecture skylines with its own set, set #21028, portraying miniature versions of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Flatiron Building, and One World Trade Center.

            As with all LEGO architecture sets, the set’s instruction booklet contains several professional photographs of the city as well as informational descriptions of both the city proper and the structures within the set. Perusing these sections before diving into the building process helps set the tone for the overall building process, as if the assembler is being taken on a miniature tour of the city before actually getting to build it.

            Similar to the LEGO Shanghai set (set # 21039), LEGO New York City contains more pieces than the typical LEGO skyline, with a total of 598 pieces used. The overall build time clocked in for me at around one hour and 30 minutes, and it was a pleasant and relaxing experience throughout. Although some repetition of building always occurs with LEGO skyline sets (as the stacking of multiple identical floors leaves little room for build variety within an individual building), it was still fairly easy for me to remain engaged throughout the build process, and I was pleased as each structure gradually came together in my hands.

            The set’s overall faithfulness to the real New York City holds itself to the same pedigree as every other LEGO skyline set. A remarkable amount of detail, both adorable and impressive, has been packed into a set that is just about 25 centimeters tall and 25 centimeters wide. The usage of a miniature LEGO minifigure as the Statue of Liberty is an adorable touch completing the platform she stands on. The usage of grate pieces for the façade of the Empire State Building completes its distinctive Art Deco style, creating the illusion of windows and multiple floors, and they juxtapose well with the smooth, clearer exteriors of both the Chrysler Building and One World Trade Center. And, of course, the iconic triangular shape of the Flatiron Building was also captured in LEGO form.

            Perhaps the most iconic skyline in the world, New York City has finally taken its proper place among the collection of LEGO skyline sets. It can be added to your collection for a retail price of $59.99 wherever LEGO sets are sold.


Appears in
2018 - Spring - Issue 9