SGA elections process begins for 2018-2019 executive board

Ethan Castro
Technews Writer
Fri Mar 16, 2018

           As of the time of this publication, the Illinois Tech Student Government Association (SGA) has begun its elections process for its 2018-2019 executive board. As SGA is the primary governing body of the Illinois Institute of Technology’s student population, as well as the primary liaison between students and university administration, the executives in charge of SGA and its various branches hold a considerable amount of power. Thus, all students are heavily encouraged to both nominate any suitable candidates for SGA’s various open positions (information on how is available at the end of this article), as well as pay close attention to the ongoing elections process. All current students who will have completed at least a full academic year at Illinois Tech by the semester after elections and are in good academic and probationary standing are eligible to run. 

            Through its various social media outlets, SGA has published a timeline of its overall elections process. Nominations through the online Google Form will close on Wednesday, March 21. Debates between the various candidates will then occur on March 28 and 29. Voting through an online ballot will then be open from April 5 to April 11. The final results of the elections will be announced at the April 11 senate hearing.

            Each SGA executive position wields a considerable amount of influence on the Illinois Tech campus, and so it is worth discussing each of the positions open in this elections process:

            The SGA president is arguably one of the most influential student organization positions on the entire Illinois Tech campus. Primarily motivated by an innate desire to facilitate positive change across all facets of the university, the SGA president is tasked with representing the best interests of the entire student body to the highest echelons of university leadership. In addition to running the rest of the SGA Executive Board, this individual represents the voice of the student body to the university’s Board of Trustees, the university’s president, the provost, and the dean of students. Through such opportunities, the SGA president is truly in an ideal position to represent the student body and bring their concerns and suggestions to the administrative bodies that can make them a reality.

            The SGA executive vice president fills a number of administrative roles to ensure that the organization is as fast, fun and efficient as possible. This individual presides over the student senate, facilitating and moderating these biweekly meetings in which new student organizations propose for official status and senators discuss their ongoing projects. The executive vice president is tasked with ensuring proper parliamentary procedure is followed at these meetings so that as much discussion can occur in as quick a time as possible. In addition, the executive vice president also functions as the treasurer of SGA, tasked with preparing the organization’s budget, attending Finance Board advising, and entering purchase requests on behalf of the organization.

            The SGA vice president of academic affairs chairs the eponymous Academic Affairs Committee, focused on representing the desires of the students in changing or improving the academic environment of the university. As vice president of a committee, this individual leads a team of senators and volunteers in sourcing, ideating, and following through with student issues regarding their overall academic experience. The holder of this position functions as a resource for bringing about positive academic changes, whether they relate to classes, professors, or the overall educational atmosphere of the university.

            The SGA vice president of communications leads the namesake Communications Committee and, through this committee, ensures that SGA projects a unified image to the student body and university as a whole. This committee is the main link between SGA and the rest of the university body, by every means possible. In addition to helping SGA make itself known, the vice president of communications also assists in representing the university as a whole to the surrounding community, such as through volunteering initiatives. Along with its senators and volunteers, the Communications Committee is the primary voice of SGA.

            The SGA vice president of student life heads the titular student life committee in improving the overall status of campus life through projects meant to address readily visible facets of university life, such as dining services, technology concerns, campus safety, and more. This individual leads the committee in addressing the individual grievances and suggestions of the student body in making the overall state of campus life better through everyday improvements.

            The SGA finance board chair oversees the Finance Board, ensuring that the advising and allocation processes proceed smoothly. The finance board chair ensures that the board’s advisors are familiar with the Finance Board guidelines and treat all students and organizations fairly and professionally. This individual ensures that all student organization disbursements are consistent with Finance Board guidelines and the governing documents of the appropriate organization.

            Nominations for each of these positions will remain open until the end of the day on March 21. All Illinois Tech students are heavily encouraged to nominate suitable candidates through the online form available at



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