New Director of Residence Life reflects on adjustment, lays out goals for position

Technews Writer
Thu Mar 15, 2018

As of the spring 2017 semester, the Illinois Tech Office of Residence and Greek Life (RGL) has added a new member to its team as the director of residence life: Christina Aichele. As a newcomer in a high ranking staff position, Aichele sat down with TechNews for an interview wherein she described her transition to the position as well as her overall goals for RGL’s future.

            Aichele’s most recent position was at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as the assistant director for learning communities, leadership, and inclusion. Through this position, she gained valuable experience overseeing the residence life components of the first year experience, as well as serving as the primary advisor to the university’s Residence Hall Association (RHA), a student organization dedicated to representing the interests of the student body in matters regarding the state of residence life. Alongside her other positions in RGL equivalents across the Midwest, Aichele’s experiences lend credence to her adequate knowledge and expertise in all matters concerning the student experience and residence life.

            When asked what aspect of Illinois Tech is most distinctive to her, Aichele responded with enthusiasm over this university’s high international student population. While she was worked with populations of international students before in her career, Aichele has never encountered one quite as large as that of Illinois Tech. She continued that she is very much looking forward to partnering with other campus offices to either bolster or create the resources and programs necessary to help international students adjust to university life.

            As of her interview with Technews, Aichele has been with the Illinois Institute of Technology for exactly one month. “I’m learning more every day,” Aichele ecstatically stated, “I’m excited about what I’m learning.” Given this campus’s strong academic and career-oriented focuses, Aichele’s enthusiasm would seem to indicate that she is a strong fit for the campus’s atmosphere.

            Moving forward with her position, Aichele told that TechNews that once she is more acclimated to the campus, she is hoping to dedicate her efforts towards creating “a more comprehensive live and learn community.” It is her earnest belief that the seamless integration of academics and daily living through the student community represents one of the strongest opportunities for creating a more wholesome university experience.

            Concluding her interview, Aichele also brought up her position among the staff of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) as a conference resources consultant. Through this position and her experiences with this national organization, Aichele will likely prove herself to be a valuable advisor to the Illinois Tech RHA chapter as the organization continues to increase its representation of Illinois Tech among the circuits of residence hall conferences.

            The new RGL Director of Residence Life, Aichele can be reached via email at [email protected].

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2018 - Spring - Issue 9