Men’s XC hits ground running

Technews Writer
Sat Sep 28, 2013

How fast do you think Illinois Tech Cross Country Runners can go? Here are your options: an elephant (20mph), a giraffe (35mph), a squirrel (12mph), a black bear (25mph), or a cheetah (70mph). To figure this out, you might have to set up some equations of motion and estimate using what you learned in physics. Well, the truth is, humans can only sprint up to 23 miles per hour and only for a limited distance of 200 meters. But what’s even more impressive is that our own Scarlet Hawk Athletes can run at the same pace as a squirrel for a distance of up to 5 miles long! Have you ever tried chasing a squirrel? Or tried running 5 miles? That’s fast!

Last week, the men’s Cross Country Team raced into action once again at the Wheaton College Invitational, where 14 total teams toed the starting line to compete on a beautiful grass and soft dirt course. Senior Phillip Cano was IIT's first to cover the 8 km race in 27:09, followed closely by Sophomore Landon Vowels at 27:13. Senior Peter Lau, and both Montague brothers, Andrew and Ethan, ran most of the race together, and finished in the same order, scoring 60th, 63rd, and 70th for Illinois Tech. It was a good performance and placed the team at 10th place overall. "The boys ran better than last week and I am really confident that we will gain momentum in the next race or two. It was nice to see them working together," said head coach Calin Hantau.


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