Humanities Department sponsors screening of ‘Girl_Inside’

Technews Writer
Fri Mar 08, 2013

A campus film-showing of the transgender coming-of-age story Girl Inside will be held on Wednesday, March 13 from 7-10 pm in the MTCC auditorium, sponsored by the Humanities Department and Office of Campus Life as part of Women's History Month celebration at IIT.

The award-winning movie Girl Inside is the account of a young adult transitioning from male to female and her “emotional, intellectual, and spiritual journey of self-discovery . . . (amidst) the physical journey of hormones and surgery. Sometimes funny, sometimes painful, this sweet coming of age story is both an intimate portrait and a thoughtful exploration of what it means to be a woman.” (Women Make Movies)

“My intent was to document Madison’s journey up to, and immediately beyond her sex reassignment surgery. Neither of us thought I would be following her for three years, but it took that long for her to save the money for the surgery. Although this made the filmmaking process more intense, it also allowed for deeper layers of understanding of Madison’s experience. As a result, the film speaks to many people on many levels, and became, ultimately, a portrait of self-transformation and metamorphosis,” commented director Maya Gallas on Girl Inside.

Women's History Month looks at how conventional and unconventional women throughout history have changed the world we live in today. Women's History Month is a space to talk about people who identify as women and how their roles in society matter--that means anyone can participate in the festivities, not just those of us who identify as women! It's also a safe space to talk about how the dynamics of gender create categories like women, men, intersex people, transgender people, and people who live between the genders. It gives us an opportunity to think about what these categories mean for how we organize our social, political, and economic institutions and how we define our collective or personal goals and dreams.

The Humanities Department, in partnership with the Office of Student Life, has created several programs for March which included a BOG game night that was held on March 7.  The campus film showing of Girl Inside, described above, showing on Wednesday March 13, from 7-10 pm in the MTCC auditorium, and a luncheon with speakers on Women in Technology, Tuesday March 26, from 12:30-2:30pm in the MTCC ballroom are other activities planned. We hope to see you at any and all of these events!

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