City of Black Forest a peaceful getaway

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Sun Mar 03, 2013

Black Forest is a place that one would dream to live in—don’t worry, I am not telling anyone to live in a Black Forest cake! I am talking about a beautiful mountain range in southwestern Germany. A peculiar thing about the lifestyle in Germany is that, in places where tourism is a significant part of the economy, people offer tourists space to stay in their house with a certain amount of tariff that, when compared to 4 and 5 star hotel, is reasonable. While it is surprising to see many of the residents practicing this, it does give them an opportunity to get income, and it is good for tourist like us to experience these places not only in an inexpensive way but also intimately with the local lifestyle.

I was not expecting anything grand like a 5 star hotel, when I was informed that we had rented a place for the time we are going to spend in Black Forest. The journey itself was so overwhelming that I was enthralled with the scenic beauty surrounding the autobahn with sun shining high up in the sky. It is rare to have a perfect sunny day during winters in Germany. Usually the weather offers dull and gloomy look, but that day was perfect for some adventure and skiing and snowboarding! Who doesn’t like skiing or snowboarding? During weekends in winters all you see in autobahn is vehicles with ski and snowboard racks on top heading to mountain ranges for fun.

The moment we reached the place, I saw a tradition German house with a twist of modern styling. At first I thought it was going to be similar to what I have experienced before; staying in someone’s house, but as I explored the interiors I felt as if I have been dropped into this beautiful cocoon, it was amazing and the view of the mountains from the balcony was breathtaking. The place reminded me of the character Heidi, who use to living in the Alps with her grandfather. Although Black Forest can be said to be just above Switzerland, the scenic view had a magnificent calming effect on me. Places like Black Forest are best suited for people who love exploring, trekking and also love lot of snow.  The most amazing thing about Black Forest is trekking in the perfect weather, neither warm nor cold with sun shining; this place has a lot of walking and trekking routes accessible to public. For one wants to get away from their fast track life, this is one of the places to complete immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

The name Black Forest (Schwarz Wald) comes from the fact that the mountain ranges look like Black Forest cake from afar. The smoky black rocks and trees covered with snow resembles one of our favorite delights. Moreover, there is a place called Titisee, a lake in the southern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, this is where you get the most delicious mouthwatering Black Forest cake, I did not even think about the calorie intake when I have 3 huge slices of the cake. It was so good that we made another trip to Titisee after a day or two. Titisee was around 2 and a half hours from the place we stayed. Another thing that Titisee is famous for are the hand crafted cuckoo clocks. You could get amazingly detailed, pure wooden cuckoo clocks from the different shops in the streets of Titisee. The prices range from 100 euros to 800 euros depending on the amount of work on the clocks.  The lake also offers boat rides and other family activities for the public, along with variety of different restaurant around it to create a complete family package of fun.  For ski and snowboarding lovers, there is Feldberg, which is the highest mountain in the Black Forest; I assure you that you will have the most mind-blowing time skiing. This place is huge with really nice facilities for people from beginners level to that of a pro. Just one piece of recommendation, don’t break your bones!

Overall Black Forest (Schwartz Wald) is a must go if one loves snowy mountains and adventurous sports, especially if you would like to enjoy and cherish the beauty of nature.

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