Letter from the President

Technews Writer
Sun Oct 16, 2011
Dear IIT Students:

Students Speak continues to be an important way to let the administration know what is working well and what could be improved from your viewpoint.  Your input has been instrumental in getting us to take a second look at how we operate—and your feedback has had an impact in terms of how we do business.

We listened when you said there were not enough places to eat in the evening when you wanted to take a break from studying—and as a result, IIT now subsidizes late night dining options on campus.  Changes were also made in the Bursar’s Office, as well as the Office of Financial Aid and the Career Management Center, based on your constructive comments about what you needed and expected from those departments.

This year’s Students Speak survey will come out shortly, and I encourage all IIT students to participate.  We want to hear from you in terms of what you think are positive developments on campus—and where we should focus our attention to make improvements.  Your input is really necessary if we are going to continue to make IIT a university that is student-centered and focused on what is needed to help you succeed.

We cannot change everything—and sometimes we cannot change some things as fast as some students would prefer.  However, as you can see, your input has made a difference and we want to continue to be responsive to changing expectations and critical concerns.

I know you all have busy schedules but I hope you will take the time to complete the Student Speak survey.  We will compile the results and then follow up with a summary to share with the campus.

So please speak up.  We are listening.