Dandiya Dhamaka 2011!

Technews Writer
Fri Oct 14, 2011

The word ‘Festival’ was first coined as a noun in 1589, now it is more of an adjective with celebrations, gifts, food, dance and reunions. India is one country with a festival for almost every month, at times even for every week in a month, representing the vast diaspora of communities present.

One of them is the much awaited ‘Navratri’ or the’ Festival of Nine nights’ where the Goddess Durga is worshipped in different ways in different parts of the country. Without going into the details of the worship one thing that this festival brings with itself is lights in the dark sky and merriment among people. Although we see colors, gaiety and well-dressed people (custom for almost every festival in India) in every part of the land the best part of this festival is the particular dance enjoyed by the young and old equally. This dance form is called ‘Dandiya’ which is an Indian folk dance using two sticks and needs no formal training. It’s the fun and enthusiasm in a form that brings out the steps innately! The only thing required is the spirit of the dance.

The form is actually a heavenly one, why I say so is because of the links with Lord Krishna, a charmer himself with his special dancing skills, which is called the ‘Raas’ (in simple words  - his ‘style of wooing the damsel’!) Everybody glitters in their traditional ‘raas’ attires with a ‘pump-it-up’ attitude and an ebullient aura.

An amazingly interesting and hypnotic dance form enjoyed by people of India and now coming to Illinois Tech, for one and all. The event is being organized by the IIT- Indian Student Association at Hotel Mariott, Chicago Downtown this Thursday, the 21st of October as a mark to celebrating the festive month with much hoopla and energy. The event ticket itself portrays the beauty of this event and the ethnicity that Indian culture offers.

The ticket sales are on and there are about 300 to go, available with OSL for 15$ and 20$ (non-IIT, one per student). This includes a grand buffet dinner at the hotel. Believe me, you cannot miss ‘The Event of the Year’, which is bigger and grander than last year! Register at tinyurl.com/iitdandiya2011. Hope to see you there!