"Boy in the New Country" Part 5 - Back to Studies, Again!

TechNews Writer
Mon Nov 26, 2018

So, exploring the campus and the city some days later, it is time to start the most important thing that I am here for. Studies…again!!! The reason I mention back to studies, again is that I had been working for some time with breaks in between to sharpen my skills. It’s been long since I completed my undergraduate studies way back in 2011… Yeah, 7 years back. The immediate question that pops in everybody’s mind when I tell them this; Dude, you could have just started doing your master’s right after your undergrads, so why 7 years later? Well, life has its own way of twisting things around and it definitely has plans for you.

So, way back in 2010, I was on a crossroad where I had to select between pursuing my master’s and go look out for a job. This is what happens to everyone, I believe; this is a tough crossroad for all. Study ahead or look out for the job ahead. Weighing my options, I decided to go for the job since I had a campus placement with one of India’s biggest conglomerate. And then working for a couple of years, I decided why not take a break and study ahead since this looks like a good time to upgrade myself. But again, life had some other plans. I pursued my Post Graduation in Business Administration while interning with a global automotive company. And after the course, I got placed in a global consulting firm, worked for a couple of years after which I decided that now is the time to pursue my master’s.

Having pretty good experience while working with various industries backed up with educational skill sets, I started preparing for GRE and TOEFL. Trust me, it is not easy to go back to studies after working and it was definitely not my cup of tea. But consistent hard-work and with a vision to excel, I succeeded in my exams and now I have started a new journey with Illinois Tech.

Studying in a US university is way different then what we had back in India. The major difference being: Practical oriented studies. This actually works since it is not just about learning the principles and writing them down in the exam paper, but more about how to apply what you have learned. Just to elaborate on what I mean to say, I would tell my experience with the courses that I have taken for this semester. I am currently pursuing my Master of Industrial Technology and Operations with a focus on Supply Chain Management. The courses that I have chosen are very much practically oriented and the best part about them lies in the fact that I am able to relate what I am learning to my work experience. The assignments, the projects, and the presentations, every aspect of my course is so practical that I believe it is a great beginning to this new career of my life.

People might be wondering after reading this that you could have done this back in India as well so why do you want to do your masters here. A simple answer to them. According to me, the cross-cultural and multi-diversity experience is available in this highly technological country. People from across countries come here to study, share their experience, be it practical or cultural, it gives an insight into how people from different countries approach a particular case-study/problem. This gives altogether a different outlook to the same problem and presents me with dimensions that I could have never thought of. I am really honored to be a part of this multi-cultural institute.

It is actually fun working with so many people on various different projects that you actually start processing things in a wider perspective. Yet again, I believe it is not just studies and the experience that I would like to gain from everyone but also it would be great to get insights about various global cultures and I feel there would be no better place to start looking for one than my dorm, McCormick Student Village (MSV).




Appears in
2018 - Fall - Issue 11