Valentine's Day Special

TechNews Writer
Mon Feb 11, 2019

The day to express their love is Valentine’s Day,

Some convert into relations while some phewww… We can only pray,

Optimism is the word; the world believes in it all the way,

In times like these, we can just remain positive; this is all I can say.

And so, a short story of a boy and a girl I will compose,

The boy handsome and the girl beautiful; I do suppose,

Determination of the boy was always to propose,

But sadly, of him, she would always dispose.

But the boy was determined and never on the girl did he superimpose,

The decision was tough for her to accept him; she was never in the state of impose,

And then came a very special gift from the boy; her heart was in the state of expose,

Realizing he was the one, she just could not to the proposal oppose.




Appears in
2019 - Spring - Issue 3